At The London Education Company we know that interviews are stressful and it is very easy to get nervous about them. However, with the correct preparation and guidance, coupled with practice, you can master your nerves and ensure you sell yourself as you deserve. Whilst you may think you are by far the best person for the job and on paper you are perfect, many people still miss out on the opportunity because of the lack of correct support when it comes to the interview. The interview is an opportunity to showcase your personality, show that you are good for the team and can fit into the company ethos and industry pressures.

Our job interviewing team has decades of experiences between themselves working in leading positions for a range of leading industries. Their experiences and knowhow is invaluable and we pair you up with the most suitable mentor who understands the requirements of your industry and job. Their help should assist you in thinking about all the most important issues you need to consider before the big day.

We understand that coming to London may not be convenient and that is why we offer a telephone-based and webcam-based interview coaching service with our experts to help give you that winning edge. This enables us to monitor your body language and give you the exact help and suggestions for improvement.

We assign you with a professional interview coach who can take you through plenty of real interview questions and make sure you know how to avoid clichéd answers. Get in touch with The London Education Company and let our team remove that irrational fear of discussing the one subject you know most about – you!